Join us for a day of community building, inspiration and motivation. Don’t forget to visit our W4W Marketplace to support women-owned and operated businesses throughout the day!

Have a light breakfast and start making connections as soon as you arrive.

Let’s get the day started!


Kelly Wallace HeadshotKelly Wallace
Managing Director, TrailRunner International


Deborah Lee James HeadshotDeborah Lee James
Former Secretary of the Air Force


Lisa Shalett HeadshotLisa Shalett
Former Goldman Sachs Partner

Ebony Hilton HeadshotEbony Hilton, M.D.
Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
University of Virginia

Lou Kennedy HeadshotLou Kennedy
CEO, Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Jodie McLean headshot

Jodie McLean
Chief Executive Officer, EDENS

Time for networking and browsing the W4W Marketplace!

Two concurrent breakout sessions are available to attendees:

Track 1: Tap Into Your Resilience and Wellbeing

This breakout gives you the opportunity to awaken awareness about how to tap into your individual capacity to thrive and be resilient. At every moment we are being and becoming and we can open and lift ourselves to new perspectives, capabilities and wisdom — enhancing our internal operating system to lead with greater impact.

Resilience is one of 19 psychometrics of overall wellbeing. This workshop will introduce you to a framework that facilitates personal wellbeing and leadership — life vision and purpose, engagement and flow, stress coping and resilience, energy management, mental and emotional wellbeing, learning and wisdom. You will understand your top line pulse awareness about how you are currently activating your individual wellbeing leadership. You will have the opportunity to identify a personal goal contributing to your ability to thrive, be resilient and learn a practice that would help you realize that goal. We all have an innate capacity to thrive and evolve — tapping into that capacity is vital to lifting our personal fulfillment, leadership effectiveness and positive impact.


Dianne Culhane headshotDianne M. Culhane
Transformational Leadership Coach and Guide

Track 2: The Art of Branding and Personal Networking

Everyone has a personal brand. Can you describe yours? In our time together, we will talk about how to develop your personal brand and why it’s so powerful. Stories of branding and re-branding will be shared. You’ll see how to apply your personal brand for more effective networking. Being your authentic self will enable you to build better networking relationships, expand your perspective and improve the odds of achieving your personal goals.


Mary GarrettMary Garrett
Leadership Developer, Global Marketer, Board Director

Kimmy K. PowellKimmy K. Powell
Mentor, Author, Entrepreneur

Monique Wilsondebriano

Monique Wilsondebriano
Owner, Charleston Gourmet Burger Company

Time for networking and browsing the W4W Marketplace!

Hear inspiring words and celebrate the Woman of Courage Award Recipient presented by the College of Charleston School of Business.


Lt. Governor Pamela Evette, Women for Women Summit presented by the College of Charleston School of Business

Lt. Governor Pamela Evette

Barbara Melvin, Women for Women Summit presented by the College of Charleston School of Business

Barbara L. Melvin
Chief Operating Officer (COO), South Carolina Ports Authority

Time for networking and browsing the W4W Marketplace!


Katarina Fjording HeadshotKatarina Fjording
Head of Volvo Car University & Sustainability America
Volvo Car USA


Joanna Lau, Women for Women Summit presented by the College of Charleston School of Business

Joanna Lau
Founder, Lau Acquisition Corporation

Close out the day with attendees.